Starting a new blog…

I don’t seem to have access to my blog from years ago?  I’ll see if I can find it, in the meantime, I’ll just write some stuff on here to see if I still have any actual writing game anymore…

I’m turning over my drone business to the younger, smarter guys.  It was interesting having my own business, I don’t know how much I actually like it?  One thing was, I got a pilot’s license to fly planes and I was diverted (that, and I’m not getting any younger).  It was a lot of fun though!  My time at a start-up, that I missed the first round in the 90’s because I was with the kids, was a blast.  I also proved that in my 50’s, I can still be relevant and cutting edge.  When I started doing this, I had no idea it was all just starting.  What happened with drones is they put GPS in them.

Now I just feel old, tired, with a bad back.  That’s just for now, still, while I lay here with a heating pad on my back I’m not thrilled at what’s going to happen in the future for me.

One thing I want to do with the drones is go back to photography.  Right before this, I bought a really nice camera (that’s now obsolete) and took pictures every day again.  A lot I put up on this blog.  My iPhone takes similar pictures, I just can’t believe technology advancing to the point where it’s easier to whip out my phone than to lug around a nice camera?

I’m keeping just the DJI Mavic for pictures, otherwise the drone collection is going with the company.  I trained one of my son’s friends, he just passed his Part 107 last week.  One thing about my husband and I owning businesses is that we’ve been able to give our boys and their friends some opportunities.  I’ve heard that it’s expensive now to go through a Part 107 school to get certified, I pretty much paid for him to go through and take the test.

I also invented a first, we’ve been working with Ford GoBike and developing a way to create scaled meshes for the bike share stations.  At first, it was my son and I.  Then, it was just me doing the whole thing.  Now I’ve got someone doing the whole thing, and they’ll  develop it to make the business even bigger.  Now I’ve got four people totally psyched on it and I can step aside.


My MO has always been to get into something all the way, then when I get to where I can’t be any better at it I switch gears and try something else from scratch.  What’s that called?  An innovator that burns out before they can see their work fully materialize.  Which is why the world will never hear of me 🙂

Can I use emoji’s?  I’m pretty sure anything goes, even if it’s not in Strunk & White.

Here are a few projects from the last time my back went out, playing with photoshop. First one is a photo of Manhattan Beach Pier I took (my hometown), then vectored and added the gradient.  The second one is a boat I took a picture of because they had no engine and were paddling, thought it would make a nice practice pop up.






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