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That’s pretty funny, at least I don’t have a bunch of hits from Russia like my former blog.  After the election, I had these notes from Russia congratulating Trump.  Now I wish I would have kept that blog just for those comments, not that it would have done any good.

This whole thing has been INSANE!!  I can hardly go on FB anymore, it’s all a bunch of memes giving these extreme views in both directions.  I actually quit my blog due to starting my own business and working at a start up where I had to sign non-disclosures.  My name is so unusual, I didn’t want anyone looking me up.  Now that I’m moving on from my business, I can post more of my views.

One of them being, everything is INSANE!!  Another school shooting?  Another blame game where nothing is going to be done?  I had to get off of Twitter after the election, I was so angry and I don’t want to see one thing this asshole says.  I don’t want to live in a cave, I just feel like we are stuck with this clown for three more years and we need to focus on damage control in the aftermath.  Humanity has not evolved one little bit.

I had a horrible dream last week, that I was walking in a graveyard with empty graves and trying not to fall in…that can’t be good!

I’m all over the map this morning, I just wanted to write something while I recover from my last back bout.  The good news is, my new book post was downloaded 3 times.  I put so much effort into the 1st book, this one is just something I wrote years ago that is now completely obsolete and I forgot about it.

I’m not going to do anything for $$ anymore, I just don’t make much when I do and I’m a slave to my business.  I haven’t been able to get out of town, or hardly do anything since I started it.  I’m just going to enjoy the things I like to do without worrying about money anymore.  My biggest thing is my back, I can’t sew or play piano, or hardly drive right now.

That’s all, just wanted to practice writing again in all my obscurity.

Here are some links to my two ebooks:  Starting a Drone Business and It Takes a 7 Iron

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