Keep on Chooglin

Going to try not to be so negative, hard when my back’s out and I just watch the news then Law & Order re-runs before I go to bed.  Yay though!  I got a few hits yesterday and quite a few downloads of that ebook, I got something done at least.

In my extreme dork-ness, I have a DJI Mavic Pro right next to me with the Epson Moverio, FPV goggles.  Not sure if it’s because it’s the Alpine white edition, I just can’t get the goggles to connect to it?  It connects right away to the Phantom 4, so I know at least it’s not my error.  I had a problem with the gimbal on the Mavic and sent it back, luckily it was a freebie repair.  Whatever the problem, they just don’t connect?

I’m hoping to get up and around today for a little bit, I’ll just carry my pills around in case I have a major spasm while I’m out.  So far, I’ve been home when they happen.  The last time I couldn’t make it downstairs for days.

My goal is pretty pictures, with my camera and drone 🙂  Making social media great again!  I’m so sick of the memes, they’re like when everyone got email and started sending chain emails instead of notes.

As for the “Keep on Chooglin” title, I thought it was a cool title for an old Credence Clearwater song.  My titles are whatever mood I happen to be in.

And now to post one of my pretty pictures, thanks to the 5 people who viewed my blog!

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