Almost done

I thought I’d turn over my business the first of the year, this keeps stretching out and now it’s almost March.  I wish I could say I was a good at having my own business, at least I gave it a go?  The problem has always been, I’ve been a slave to it without getting paid a lot of the time.

We hired a guy to replace me who came on yesterday as I was finishing up a project and we were trying to troubleshoot another one.  Since what I do is all troubleshooting, it was a good time to come in.  Lately, I’m just the mean old woman that hates everything.  Instead of soaking it in, he was calling me out on ways to do it better.  Really, I just don’t care anymore.  One of the reasons I don’t want to do this is because sometimes talking to these engineers is a battle, I just don’t speak their language.

It also made me feel obsolete, this was my baby.

On the other hand, I really haven’t gone away for an extended time for YEARS.  I do quick trips on weekends, I have been grounded most of the time.  My surf trips I did last year resulted in broken ribs both times, a lost drone, and a major case of tourista.  I just want to sit on a beach and read a book.  I love surfing, this back thing has really nailed me and made me finally feel my age and that my body is limited.  The broken ribs are from Osteopenia, right before Osteoporosis.  My body is falling apart!

I thought if I was a half ass athlete my whole life that I would be in better shape?

I can still take pretty pictures…




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