We’re all tired of opinions on Trump, I’m going to have to let it out though if only a few sentences.  What a fucking moron, are you kidding me on arming teachers??  I got myself off of twitter because I was just FURIOUS.   One unbelievable, unforgivable comment or action after another and this is what he comes up with.  I’m just tired of hating the guy, no one seems to be doing anything about it.  The NRA “supports” his decision.  Well, duh.

I’m just glad I quit blogging during the election and after or I’d have a string of these going that would be brought to court against me when he starts making kids into Red Guards and anyone against him gets thrown in jail.  They’ll all be armed, of course.

Luckily, the kids are the ones who despise him the most right now.  I sure hope their movement results in something, we’re leaving them in a horrible place with only their armed teachers to protect them (umm…not in the job description?).   They’ll be voters in the next election, counting on that to save us.

I just don’t understand what’s happening?  My whole family is NRA (besides me), I have nothing against having guns or collecting them.  We shouldn’t have to force people to carry, which seems like the whole goal of the NRA.  I’m convinced they want every kid to get a gun for their high school graduation, to “protect themselves.”

Sadly, this is where the US is heading.  Like I said, I’m tired of hating Trump.  What upsets me more is that someone like this came to be in the first place?  That shows a lot for how our government and our nation is right now.  Our first woman president might be Honey Boo Boo.



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