Next Chapter

Now that I’m giving up my role in my business.  I went in yesterday to “train” the new guy.  Not really train, just to tell him how I’ve been doing things and hand over my equipment.  Strange changing of the guard?  55 year old woman to someone who I think is 25?  I’ll still do photography jobs, it’s just to get this to the next level I’m going to have to step aside and have someone who can speak as a peer for these landslides.

One of the abilities my husband, and quite a few of the guys that work for him have, is that they are extremely smart guys and you would never know.  I don’t get talked down to, they help me come to a solution.  I’ve appreciated that since I’ve had to forge this road from absolute scratch for the past few years when I knew  nothing about this.  I’ve learned a ton, I just know my limits.  Humble is the word I should use for these guys, it’s refreshing.

What am I going to do now?  First off, heal my back.  It’s pretty debilitating,  I can’t hardly sit in a car for a 20 minute drive without feeling it.  I do have a sailboat that’s getting new rigging right now.  I had to have someone ferry it over with me just in case my back went if I was by myself.  When it goes, it takes me to the ground and I can barely move.

Not a place I expected to be, finally able to enjoy some freedom in my life and physically unable to do it.  Last week I was watching my friend ripping it up surfing in Mexico while I had ice & heating pads all week, reading a book on aging.   Ugh.

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