Another Job

Did I think I’d quit so soon?  I just took a job for a half marathon near San Diego, better to drone than to run in it!  I can’t run anymore, I used to run (jog) a few miles a day.  I walk a few miles a day now.

This will be fun though, I’m OK taking the fun jobs.  They’re all kind of fun, my problem has been more of the physical aspect of getting to job sites lately, climbing to where I need to get to for cell phone coverage or clearing everything for line of sight.  I try to find the highest point, it makes things a lot easier.  Sometimes that’s at the top of a landslide.  Now, there are two Part 107, 25 year old pilots to do that for me.

My other issue has been no bathrooms all day.  One time I was in Tahoe at a job site DYING!!  I physically cannot handle it anymore.  The guys are doing a spillway job for me this week for a huge engineering firm.  Did I mention I suck at delegating?

I’m in Monterey right now, we went whale watching yesterday and even that drive hurt my back.  I’m going to have to take a commercial flight to San Diego, I still don’t think I can sit in a car for the drive down there and back.

My pic of the day should have been a whale tail.  We saw at least one pop up a few times, I never got a good shot of it, just the sailboat out there.  I’m a water girl for sure.

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