Tune up

What a bummer, I had to cancel the half marathon job because of my back.  I just don’t think I can sit in a car for a seven hour drive yet.  I hate that everything is dependent on back pain right now, it makes me feel 105 years old and a complainer.

Instead, I’m going to finally go to the Dr. and see what the hell is going on.  I made an appointment to get acupuncture for the first time, people have been suggesting it for years.  When I talked to the woman on the phone, she also suggested cupping.  I had never heard of that until last week on FB, where someone posted cupping gone wrong.  Before I read the post, I thought someone took her into a back alley with a baseball bat!  I’m sure she just had a strange reaction, still, no thanks.

Another odd thing happened I had never thought about before?  I have low blood pressure and a very low heart rate.  I got one of those Garmin watches when I was rowing to train, was super proud of myself for the low, athlete, heart rate.  Now that I only walk, I still have a very low heart rate.  My friend, who really is an athlete, said her heart rate was in the normal 70’s.  I thought that was high until I looked it up to see it was normal.

No wonder I’m so tired all the time!  I’ve had my thyroid checked every single time for years and it’s always normal.

I guess the good news about that is that I stay really calm under pressure.  I go into something a little afraid, but I show up and deliver – like with rowing.  My body is in need of a tune up!!

Today’s picture is of the Manhattan Beach Pier at 8th street.  When I was in high school, a bunch of us hung out at 8th street and called ourselves “8-ballers.”  I made this when one of the guys passed away.  That land mass on the right is Malibu, I really got to grow up in a very cool place.

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