That was an interesting Dr.’s appointment yesterday, I definitely have lower blood pressure and heart rate – no wonder I’m so tired all the time.  I just thought I was calm?  As it is, I force myself to get through days.  I don’t think I suffer from depression, or at least I’m not hindered by it.  Maybe I’m just used to the way my body is?  The body of an 80 year old…great.

Since I started this, I’ve been getting rigging on my boat that should be finished.  My son and I are bringing it back to the marina today, possibly in the rain.  Hopefully this is the last of the $$ bleeding for the boat for awhile.  It’s an older sailboat that was in perfect condition, except it hadn’t been used and was sitting in salt water for 15 years.  New sails, rigging, electronics and she’s a brand new boat.

It’s been a blast taking out friends to lunch almost every weekend, I really enjoy sailing.  The San Francisco Bay is not for everyone though, it’s hard to get a day where it isn’t 20+knots to make it a comfortable ride.  Makes it great sailing, not so great for anyone who hates the boat heeling over (like my husband).  He tries to like it at least, it would be nice to have a consistent sailing buddy that could take the helm so I can go below for a nap every once in awhile.  I can single handed sail, I’m just really afraid of my back going out.

No wonder one of my favorite things to do is just take a nap on the boat?  I gotta just move on from this, it’s not life threatening and obviously I’ve adapted so far.  I’m just a little bummed about it, I really thought it was “Heller time” now that I’ve weaned my way out of the business.

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