Boat Ownership

Got the boat back before the big storm, it ended up being a perfect sailing day on the way back.  This is the first boat I’ve owned, it was a lifetime in the making.  We had a boat when I was a kid for a few years, my favorite thing to do was sail to Catalina from Redondo Beach.  Unfortunately, my dad never really learned how to sail and we never had a drama free trip.  I do remember loving it, I just love being out on the water.

Before I met my husband, I started sailing again out of Marina Del Rey.  We met within that year so I gave it up again for 20 years and became suburban mom up here in NorCal.  As I sailed back with my oldest son yesterday, I just looked at him in all his storm gear and beard at the helm and had such a mom moment.  If I was a great writer, I could put that into words.  It’s just that moment when you’ve realized all your hard work has paid off, your child has become this amazing man who is at the helm now while I’m still nursing my back.  I just felt like we could sail away forever like that?  We booked too!  Perfect winds and we were the only ones out there on the San Francisco Bay.

Easiest people for me to sail with are my brother and my son, it makes me feel calm.  I cherish those moments, they’re far apart with my brother.

When the boys were old enough, I went through OCSC in Berkeley and got bareboat certified through them to charter anywhere in the world.  I would say it’s the best training, especially because of the conditions of the Bay.  I chartered for years before I finally bit the bullet and put in an offer on my boat.   They rejected it, then I got it months later for less.  Good thing too!  The price of my original offer is about what I’ve poured into it for everything you’d expect to go wrong with a 15 year old boat with everything being original.

I’ll save my female boat buying experience for another day…


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