Next Chapter

The business is almost completely turned over, I have one conference call on Tuesday lined up to just listen in on, otherwise I’m good to go.  I might just do some photography with my Mavic for fun.  I’ve done some sort of photography my whole life, ever since my parents gave me a Pentax K-1000 for my 16th birthday.  Geez…40 years ago, double ugh.

My big break came and went when the kids were little and I got a job with the Contra Costa Times while I was in Junior League.  Everything was going really well, I was set up for a big fashion shoot where I needed to be there for the weekend at 5am and around 8pm on Friday night my husband called from the floor of a gym and had severed something in his knee after a jump.  I had to grab my youngest, my oldest was with him, and go pick him up to spend the night in the emergency room and had to cancel the shoot at zero hour.  They never called me for another job.

Otherwise, I’ve just used my photographs for volunteer work.  I’ll admit, after so many photography classes I have no idea what shutter speed or F-stop I ever use (I have a general idea).  My brain just doesn’t work on the technical stuff, just how an image turns out.  When someone asks me what the resolution is, I have no idea.  My brain works backwards, take the picture then figure out the rest.

I bring this up since I’ve set up this conference call with a huge engineering firm.  The new guy replacing me knows all of this, my drones don’t seem to be adequate for what he thinks they’re going to want.  What he’s saying is pretty much over my head, something about a sensor??  I don’t even know what that means??  So far, we’ve been chugging along on my low budget doing what I know I’m capable of.  He was brought in to up the game though, something I’m not capable of.

Besides, I want to get instrument rated in flying and focus on that.  I brought my camera on an IFR flight my friends flew last week, I still think flying a plane over is way cooler!

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