Playing w/ Pictures

It’s been raining here in NorCal, which makes for some stunning green sunsets if it stops raining for a second to get them.  Last night there was a little break in the rain to go grab some shots that I’m going to mess around with today.  I have a photoshop express app on my phone as part of my subscription.  Today’s photo is from the app.

I haven’t shot in RAW before (I know, what kind of photographer am I?).  Mostly because my camera does such a great job without filters I rarely need to do anything post besides pick the right picture.  Someone tried to call me out on my photography skills and asked about RAW for the drones, so I thought I’d get myself up to speed.

I’m just doing this for my own personal stuff now, my drone business has been forked over to the younger, smarter guys.  After a phone call the other day with one of the largest engineering firms I’ve been talking to for years and finally got a project with them, I’m pretty much done.  Most jobs have a 2 week notice, I’ve been trying to get out of this since January 1st.

Still grounded for over a month for family a dog sitting obligations.  I envisioned new paint and carpets when my boys finally left, luckily that hasn’t happened yet because I have a house full of mud from my son’s dog.  My other son’s fiance has a little dog that isn’t house trained and it looks like they’re moving back in when their lease is up.

So it goes…life on hold.

This was a quote in my horoscope:  Dieter Uchtdorf wrote, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”


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