Too Much Rain!!

Especially since I’m now not working at all and I’m stuck indoors.  It took 27 years to finally get the whole “bored housewife” thing.  I was so busy when the kids were little, I always tried to have some kind of part time job or volunteer work.  I could use a breather, it’s just a bummer to be house bound.

It certainly will be busy here the next few weeks for the engagement party, I’ll have a house full of people while we stay on the boat.

Speaking of…I ordered some filters to change the oil myself, we’ll see how that goes.  It’s been about a year since I had it changed last and they didn’t change the zinc.  They told me to check it once a month, I couldn’t get it off and I didn’t want to break it.  I took off this one part that was the heat exchanger and saw a bunch of gunk in it.  It was the zinc, so when the guy came he cleaned it all out and put a new impeller blade in there.  When he took out the zinc, it was completely gone.  I have to wonder if that was in there for 15 years like everything else on the boat?

The impeller blade broke and got stuck in the exhaust, creating steam.  It never overheated and I could tell it was just steam.  Because I want it all to be perfect, I had the guy come out again to see what the steam was and he found the impeller blade.  Now there’s a small fuel leak I’m trying to diagnose, I think I need to tighten the filter?

My new hobby, diesel engines.  I’ve always been pretty anal about car maintenance, coming from a childhood of never making it from A to B and my parents never maintaining a car.  I don’t do it myself, I definitely make sure it’s done regularly though.  On my truck, I have a diagnosis app that’s super cool.

With the gas prices soaring again, I’ve been looking for a more practical car.  I went to check out some of the electric cars and the sales guy started talking engines to me, then said, “You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about.”  Good sales pitch buddy.

What I like about the boat is that they’ve explained everything to me throughout the process and haven’t treated me like I’m clueless.  I’ve been right about a lot of the problems, I just haven’t done the work myself because I’m afraid of really screwing things up.  Now that I’ve diagnosed a few things and not been talked down to, I could possibly do some of it myself (at least change the filters).  If it costs me $50 to have someone change the oil, I’m good with that!!

Not today though, today is re-caulking the downstairs shower.

Today’s photo is beneath the Bay Bridge at Treasure Island.  The maiden anchor!!  So relaxing, had lunch and a little nap in the most beautiful place in the world!!  I just wish the water was a little warmer here so I could dive in.

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