Long, Fun weekend

Boy, it takes me days to recover from late nights now and I don’t even drink.  The anniversary party went off without a hitch.  First there was a party in our room the first night, then in the mansion at Silverado the second.  My husband’s brother did the presentation, followed by Karaoke & dancing.  I’m always the first on the dance floor, thought I’d be first at Karaoke too by belting out “Saturday” by Elton John.  People were surprised I could do that without a drink?  Well, all I have to say to that is the reason I don’t drink was because I was the life of the party when I did – for maybe an hour before things then got ugly.

Now to get ready for party number two, the engagement party for my oldest.  That’ll be a blast too, as long as my mom doesn’t drive me nuts.  She hasn’t been up here for years, it’s getting harder for her to travel (especially the way travel is now).  I put her up in a hotel to try and soften the blow about my house falling apart.  We have a very “lived in” house.  It’s impossible to make it nice with kids and dogs constantly coming in and out of here.  My son’s friends are staying at the house, I’d freak if I had new carpets and furniture.  We’re staying on the boat.

After the party, I drive my youngest son back to New Mexico.  I was so proud of him last weekend, out of nowhere he hopped up to sing a Frank Sinatra song for karaoke, which wouldn’t be a big deal normally, but he’s deaf.  He has just enough hearing and has a cochlear implant, he’s certainly not tone deaf.  He was also up there for the group songs, signing the song.  Then we tried to do “Rappers Delight” together, which turned out to be way too fast to even take a breath.  It was all fun though, nobody cares.

Now I’m just wiped, I might head to the boat today to get it ready for the weekend.  We’ll probably take people out on Sunday, depending on flights out on Easter.  When I booked the party, I hadn’t realized it was going to be Easter the next day.

A few more weeks before I can just sit down and study for my IFR, right now it’s just impossible.


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