Next stop, engagement party

See if I make it through the next few weeks, still reeling over last weekends events.  One thing’s for sure, I’m hiring a planner for the wedding.  My son’s friends from school are staying at the house, we’re staying on the boat close to the event.  I thought that turning my business over would result in a ton of free time, nope, still on mom/wife duty.  It’s been a full house for weeks with kids and dogs.

That’s OK, I’ll get a good rest when it’s all over.  I still have a drive to New Mexico after the party, not sure yet if I’ll just leave my truck there and fly back or not?  My truck is awesome, we drove out there for Christmas with four adults and three dogs with room to spare.  Still, it’s a loong drive I’ll probably break up into a few days to stay with family.  My youngest has his dog with him, otherwise he could just fly back.  What I was hoping was that I could hit the Grand Canyon on the way back, never been.  Didn’t factor in Spring Break, everything’s booked.  I’ll do it when I pick up the truck on the rebound.

The plan is, I rush back to watch the other dog while they go to Turkey to ask her parents permission to marry.  We’re trying to do this as traditionally as we can for her.  Our wedding was $100 that included a tacky video, I’d like to make it special for her since it looks like she’ll be stuck here for a year and a half with us.  She’s making a big sacrifice marrying him, I can’t imagine having to solely rely on my in-laws.  My mom is no cake walk, at least she helped when she could with the kids when they were babies.  If she hadn’t, I would have had no help at all.  We didn’t live by family, so even that was infrequent.

Obviously, I’m stalling.  Better get the house ready with one more run to check out the table, dance floor, speaker situation.

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