Engagement Party

Finally catching up on some sleep from the past few weekends, just in time to drive to New Mexico.  I’m going to break it up into a few days so I can pace myself and our dog.  First to Manhattan Beach, then to Bisbee, winding up in Las Cruces and then flying home to watch Chuckie for their Turkey trip.  When all that is done, I fly back to get my car for my own little road trip.

The engagement party went off really well!!  It turned out to be a lot of work though, just because I really don’t know how to plan a party (not on my list of assets).  I found a great caterer for mediterranean food, thinking that there would be a staff of people.  The dishwasher was broken at the club, so it ended up being a lot of work on their end and I actually ended up clearing all the dishes from the tables.

Then we were about to start the dancing and the speakers didn’t work.  They all wanted to just have drinks at the bar, where there was a speaker we used in the bar for some dancing.  Still, annoying and glad that wasn’t the wedding venue.  Now I know, if we have the wedding here too I’m hiring a wedding planner.  I want to be a guest, not clearing tables and worrying about a broken dishwasher & a clogged toilet.

The things I surprised myself about was doing it in the first place.  My mom came up, she’s been in this garden club and doing flower arrangements.  We went to Trader Joe’s, then to Oakland flower mart and got all the flowers for less than $100.  The chairs at the club are convention center type,  I rented chairs that all fit into my truck.  That part all worked really well, the tables looked beautiful.  Really, the only things that went wrong were out of my control.

The money I saved by doing most of it myself looks like it’s going into a new adjoining fence.  I figured I could take a lengthy trip, not worrying too much about money.  I found out by accident yesterday that a fence is being built (happening now) and our end is $2,000.  That always seems to happen, just when I feel comfortable a huge, unexpected expense comes up.





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