In Las Cruces

That was a REALLY long drive!!  I broke it up into a few days, the bulk of it being from LA to Bisbee, AZ for about 9 hours.  Maybe even longer?  We took quite a few stops because I had my youngest and his dog with me.  Why Bisbee?  Because my mom is from there, I still have a lot of relatives on her side and still try to go a few times a year.  Lately, it’s just been to say goodbye to her generation, that’s been rough.

One of these days I’ll do a full Bisbee write up, I spent every summer there as a kid at my grandparents house.  My grandpa worked in the copper mines, my grandma was a school teacher.  I still have very fond memories of them, they really participated in my life.  While I was driving, I remembered they drove us back and forth from LA a few times.  My grandpa must have been in his 70’s?  He was an older dad, he died when I was 12.

We spent a few nights at my uncles to recover (I thought).  Instead, I lost my son’s dog while he was playing golf.  I left her at a cousins house while we went to lunch and she got out from a hole in the fence.  Normally, I wouldn’t worry to much because she stays close.  The neighbor told me she barked at his dogs and he chased her away.  I thought she’d be disoriented from that and get lost.  I drove around for over an hour, before my cousin called to say she was at his door and fine.

We drove to Las Cruces yesterday, just in time for a much needed shower.  I got concert tickets (I thought I’d have to miss if I couldn’t find the dog) for Thomas Rhett, Brett Young last night.  I couldn’t find anyone to go with, my son doesn’t really like country and my cousins who live here were busy.  I was kind of the creepy old lady by myself, that’s OK though, I’m so glad I went!!  Got a chance to wear my cool boots and just enjoy it with some decent seats.  The thing I hate about concerts is parking, getting out of the lot, all that stuff.  I forget I’m not in the Bay area or LA for a concert, it didn’t look that bad.   I Uber’d over and back.

Can I just say, Uber is so hit or miss.  They’ve had it here for about a year now, my first driver bailed on me after waiting ten minutes.  The app said it was right by me, then all of the sudden that driver dropped me for, I’m assuming, a better offer.  I had to wait another ten minutes for a driver.  That’s happened to me quite a few times, it’s really frustrating and I can’t believe there’s an option for them to dump you?  Say, in the middle of the night after a concert (I had walked across the street to a McDonald’s so a driver would have better access).  Another time was for a wedding in Sausalito, we sailed over and the driver dumped us after waiting a half hour almost making us late to the wedding.  We waited an hour total to go a few miles.

I digress…the concert was awesome and a must see.

I brought my nice camera and drone with me, haven’t had a chance to take many pictures.  It’s been pretty windy for the drone, glad I didn’t fly out here in a small plane to try and land in these gusts.  Hoping to get out today for a bit, nothing on the agenda until my flight back tomorrow.

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