Over Social Media

About to get ready to go back to SF from Las Cruces.  I leave from El Paso this afternoon, have never been to El Paso.  Last night was dinner at my cousins house, it’s always so good to see them.  It still seems like we’re kids, a few of them are grandparents now.

This has been a great trip, I come back in a few weeks to pick up my car.  Then I have a whole month to myself with no real plan.

On the social media front, I think we’re all just tired of it. I’ve switched to just posting pictures on Instagram,until one of my cousins who has some issues started following me. I really don’t want him knowing where I am at all times.  I do like Instagram though, a quick look at a picture instead of FB memes and political battles.  It used to be the yearly Christmas card to people, now the updates keep you in touch with people you normally wouldn’t ever see again…the end of civilization.  I have liked seeing the family pics and kids I would never see, that part is great.

Even this blog, which gets no views so I can write whatever I want, is obsolete.  We’re all just over it and ready to live a “real” life instead of an online life created by geeks and stalkers with no real social skills.  My kids have never been that into it, my youngest is off of everything.  The reason why I did FB in the first place was to see what they were up to, they were in high school.

Not that I’m going to get off of FB anytime soon, I did delete my twitter after the election.  There was a time when I really appreciated FB, especially at the beginning.  It’s a fad though, and now that I’m getting older my social skills are changing.  Plus, what a time waster!!  Instead of going through all these memes, I could be living life and taking the dog for a walk… or sailing!!  When I’m out on the water, my phone is below so it doesn’t drop in the water by accident.

Speaking of walking the dog, she’s been barking at me to get out.  I don’t feel like this is a time waster, mostly because it’s waking my brain up while I drink my coffee.  I don’t have a pretty picture, it’s too windy here to pop the drone up and I was lazy from driving the past week.

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