Back to the Grind

Well, not really.  After spending the week with my youngest, trying to get him a schedule for his life while he’s taking a “gap year,”  haha.  His dog is great, she gets my butt out of bed to walk her or she drives me nuts until I do.  The first day, I walked her without him. Yesterday, I got his butt up too to walk her a few miles before it got too hot.  Trying to get him into good habits for his goals.

My goals now?  I’m going to plan my trip for when I go back.  I also need to get back in shape!  I took way too much time off with the broken ribs and my back, now I’m just lazy.    The Dr. wrote me a note, waiving my gym membership for six months.  Unfortunately, the last few years of skiing has been awash, I had a season pass extended to this year then I couldn’t even go up this year either.  Between work and family, I never did get a chance to use it.

Now I’m on dog duty while my family goes to Turkey.  I’ll have my days sort of free, he’s kind of a high maintenance dog.

I do want to write a little something about my TSA experience in El Paso yesterday.  I have pre-check, didn’t have to wait in line or take my shoes off because of it.  For some reason, I got bonked for “additional random screening.”  Whatever, it’s usually a mild pat down and I swear, she spent way too much time around my crotch area.  How do you even prove something like that?  I’m more pissed than violated, there’s absolutely no way to call them out on that.  Like the perv I called out when he opened my dressing room door and said “oops.”  I called him out and I ended up looking like the crazy one.  Really, what a perfect job for pervs (yes, even female).

Been a long traveling week, looking forward to getting back to some kind of routine of my own.


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