I got walloped with food poisoning or something, just ate for the first time in days.  It’s been about a year since I broke my ribs surfing and got food poisoning in Mexico.  Since then, I went to Costa Rica and broke my ribs again, then have had back problems.  I’ve finally felt back to normal to start working out again, then get this and can barely move.

Getting older sucks, every illness takes it out of me.  I’m never sick, when I am it’s stuff like this that is out of my control.  This time, it was probably lettuce at a restaurant.  I’m a sucker for salads, thinking that’s going to keep me healthy, when instead I get this.

Getting used to spending the days at home with my little schedule of things to do here.  I still want to get IFR (instrument rating) for flying, could study for that.  A friend sent me an obit of a female pilot in LA who flew into her 80’s, I keep wondering how many more flying years do I have left?  Mandatory retirement is 62 for airline pilots.  It sure would be convenient to fly to New Mexico, despite the high winds last week.  The biggest problem for me right now is pulling the plane out, my back hurts for weeks afterward and I seem to be the only one having any problems with my back in this club.

At least I can just lay here and study, couldn’t even do that yesterday I felt so bad.  My son and his GF were here yesterday trying to nurse me.  To them, I probably am on my death bed, they keep seeing me go down with my back to the point that I can’t move.

See if I can get anything done today, now that I at least have a little bit of food in me.  Sucks.

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