My exciting adventure has started out with pain killers, flat on my back, wondering if I’ll be able to even do anything this month besides getting my back ready to drive a few days home at the end of the month.  I’m sure my son is thrilled that his invalid mom is stuck at his house.  At least I bought some nice bedding for the guest room before I left last time so I didn’t have to change sheets or anything when I got here.

I really don’t even know what to do?  My plan was to go to Santa Fe first, that’s non-refundable, it wasn’t that much for the room up there so I can eat that.  The only other non-refundable is Grand Canyon lodging and the train ride, which is in 2 weeks and I might possibly be able to make that.  I brought this new backpack for hiking, I bought it years ago to hike in Yosemite and then really didn’t think my back could handle 14 miles.  It’s all loaded for this trip, was hoping to hike into the Petrified forest in AZ.  That ain’t gonna happen!

The good news is, I brought my back spasm/pain killer pharmacy with me. That helped me get through the night at least.  The Dr.’s have said it’s just arthritis and I’ll get these spasms from time to time, no slipped disk or anything.  IDK though?  It sure seems like it’s  more frequent (like bone cancer – my mind goes straight there).  They wouldn’t do x-rays last time because I’d had so many the past few years with this and the bone density test, mammogram, something else I can’t remember.  Oh!  Broken ribs.

Is this what I’ve become?  Old lady writing about my ailments?  It’s supposed to be all about adventure damn it!  I left this laptop, my drone, and some other things here for my adventure.  On the shuttle from El Paso, this woman sitting next to me was telling me she put all her kids in camp one summer and took off for a similar road trip.  I said, “We did swim team.”  Which was a full time, volunteer job all summer.  I thought, “How selfish of her” and felt like the superior mom for sticking it out with my kids.  Well now look, the time I didn’t do that when they were little I may never get to do now because of this back crap.

As I was lying here last night, barely able to move before the drugs kicked in, I was so bummed my son has to deal with this and do everything for me right now.  I’ve been so healthy my whole life, I really don’t know what I’m going to do to get out of here and get back home.

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