Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Day 2 of my trip is turning out a little better, now I just have a manageable cold.  My back is still not great, I do think I can pull of driving home in a few days for my lengthy trip.  If worse comes to worse, I’ll skip the camping part and stay in a hotel.  My mom keeps emailing me helpful hints on what I should do on MY trip.  I hate email when it comes to that, she’s like Trump tweeting.

What I really want to write about though is Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and my sons awesome neighbors!!  I sent my son out for an icy/hot and to buy a heating pad.  His neighbor was outside, came over and brought a bag of ice, a heating pad, and a massage thingy for me.  He then made reservations at the hot springs in TOC.  I wasn’t sure if I could sit in the car for the hour drive?  At first I asked if we could do it today instead and then he said his partner wanted us to wait for him so we could all go.  Popped another pain pill, threw on my bathing suit, and went for it.

He drove my massive truck while I just sat in the back seat, pretty comfortable.  One thing about my truck, even though I don’t really need anything that massive anymore, is that it doesn’t hurt my back like a sedan.  We went to Blackstone Hotsprings, it was a room with this stone tub and shower with a rinse off shower and a sitting room.  He booked the deluxe suite for an hour, the 4 of us (my son) could comfortably fit and move about.  They also had private rooms to just soak, or stay at the motel part of it with a tub inside every room.  She showed me the rooms, BEAUTIFUL!!!  Who would think?  It’s the frigg’in middle of nowhere?? Maybe I could just go there for a few days and soak until I feel better?  Ahhhh!!

Between the soak, the pills, and the company I do feel a lot better.  My son’s dog is just bugging me for a walk, she knows I take her when I wake up usually and doesn’t understand why I didn’t just come to see her to walk her.  I would if I could, it’s just crazy the timing of all this.  I was looking forward and planning this Heller get-a-way that’s turning into me being a complete drag.

One thing that I learned yesterday, I miss people who do things for each other with no questions asked.  Seems like in CA, there’s an app for a friend practically.  If I were at home, I’d just be laying there bitching on FB (which I did, not getting much sympathy).

No pictures again, Maybe today I can snag some.  Even if I did take pics at TOC, it wouldn’t do that spa justice, it was AMAZING!!  Another soak on my way to Santa Fe sounds like heaven!!

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