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Las Cruces is a funky place, I love the campus area, it’s like a park.  The rest is just shopping, they have every mega store here.  I went into the biggest Walmart I’ve ever seen, not that I’ve gone in a lot of Walmarts.  Got a decent massage at the Massage Envy for my back, then just went from place to place getting ready for my trip.

There’s this intersection here that has all the Target/Walmart/Home Depot/Best Buy, etc on separate sides of the street.  To get to the other side of the street is a pain the way the streets are designed.  I’m not a big shopper, just that my husband bought this house almost a year ago and I’ve been slowly making it nice when I’m here.  I bought some stuff at Big Lots, washer & dryer at Best Buy, sheets and towels at Bed Bath Beyond.  For that stuff it’s been really convenient.  The customer service has been incredible, or maybe people are just nicer here?

I had the weirdest incident in a week at my two favorite places is Walnut Creek, Peet’s and Buckhorn.  My routine is usually having my salad, then going to Peet’s for my latte.  I’ve been doing it for almost a decade (a little OCD when it comes to my routine).  I got sick after my salad, thinking it might be the flu.  When it was clear it wasn’t the flu, I called them to tell them I thought it was the lettuce somehow mixed with the meat?  They said I was the only one who called.  The next day I saw the CDC report and called them saying they must have that Yuma lettuce, that I got sick.  They said I was the only one who called and blew me off.  I must go in there at least three times a week, a little shocked that they dismissed me.

Then I had my first incident ever in Peet’s.  I’m like Norm from Cheers there the past 15 years.  They fired the whole crew last October or November, the new crew is just starting to know me.  My husband gets me Peet’s cards from Costco that I usually plug into the app they have now.  I didn’t do that, they were scattered about my purse and the clerk offered to condense them for me to one card.  I thought I gave her 4 cards?  When I plugged them into the app, it totaled $19.  I asked them about that, because she never told me the balance of each card (potentially $20 a card).  They said those cards are void and that I’d have to call customer service about it, I didn’t get the cards back.

Called customer service to be told I should have insisted on keeping the cards (how am I supposed to know that?).  I didn’t hear back for 5 days, I called them back.  First she said they don’t have the cards (of course not, it’s been 5 days) and they weren’t able to call her back because that store’s been really busy.  She said she’d look into it and have an answer to me that day and would have to “Take my word for it” about the amount might be $60 if the balances were full.  I went ahead for my afternoon latte, telling the one woman who told me to call customer service that they said I should have gotten the cards back.  She seemed super annoyed and insisted there was only .14 on one of the cards.  Alright, that could be but I have no way of knowing that because I never heard the balance on each card.  I didn’t say that, I just took my last latte there and sat down like I’m now the pain in the ass customer for even questioning or looking into it.

The customer service agent left me a message and suddenly knew the balances on the cards??  Saying one balance was .14, like I was trying to get away with something :(.  She said it was only 3 cards, “I don’t know where the 4th card you said you had was, we couldn’t find that transaction.”  I didn’t even call back, I’m just not going back.  The whole experience was so humiliating.  For one, my memory sucks lately, it could have been 3 cards?  I don’t even know now and they wouldn’t give me the cards back.  It just seems like the whole thing could have been resolved at the store right away, I don’t even know why I had to wait almost a week through customer service?

Now I have to switch up my routine when I get back, no more Buckhorn/Peet’s.  Not that they should have kissed my ass, I just shouldn’t have gotten the “Don’t the the door hit your ass on the way out” treatment either.



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