Happy Cinco De Mayo

One more day before my adventure, which would be a lot more exciting if I were feeling better.  This is just such a drag, first my back and now this cold/allergy/whatever it is?  Not sure if the universe is telling me to just stay in bed or if I can prop myself up with Sudafed?

We did go see the Marvel movie yesterday (I’m forgetting what it’s even called), so-so.  Left us both confused, I told Frank that they killed off the highest paid actors moving forward.

Plus, I popped up the drone for a little bit.  Las Cruces is not the most scenic place, besides the Dona Ana mountains overlooking the city.  Hard to get a nice sunset shot because clouds are what makes it stunning, along with wind.  That, and with all my ailments I just haven’t been outside for a sunset.

Since no one is reading this, I’m just going to take the time to bitch and moan, I haven’t felt good since I got here.

Get some stuff done today at least, have my cousins over for Cinco De Mayo, then maybe head to those hot springs again tomorrow on my way out?  That would be a good kick off for my trip home.  All this free time, and I’m sick and miserable.  Probably miserable reading too, nobody likes a chronic complainer for just a cold.  Still, it’s MY cold with a long trip ahead of me.

One thing that’s good, the night time cold medicine dries me out so I didn’t have to get up five times in the night to pee.  I slept through the night at least.

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