On my way…

Feeling a lot better, mostly because of all the antihistamines I’ve been taking.  They’ll be a few hours where I’m near a tissue box during the day, then take the night stuff and I’m out.  I’ll probably live…I am such a wimp!!  It’s just that I’ve been looking forward to this and was not prepared for getting the double whammy.

Got a lot done here though, found a solution for curtains for my truck at Bed Bath Beyond.  They have valances,  the dorky curtains above curtains for kitchen windows, that fit perfectly on the windows of my truck.  I’ll still need some velcro or something to hold them down for complete coverage.  The rods have a spring in them to fit without screwing anything in.

My cousins came over for Cinco De Mayo Taco’s, one of them brought me home made beef jerky for my trip.  Not sure if I could ever live in Las Cruces?  The people I’ve run into here are so nice though!  I can’t remember the last time someone came to my rescue with ice and heating pads, let alone taking me to hot springs?  I had a cyst years ago the size of a golf ball, the ultrasound appointment was on a rainy afternoon.  One woman told me I couldn’t be alone all day, then called that morning to cancel on me.  I was alone all morning freaking out.

The plan is Santa Fe today, with a possible stop at Truth or Consequences for some more of that hot springs love.  I’m fully convinced that cured my back, I was off pain and spasm meds the next day.  If it could cure my allergies, I’ll move there.  Kidding of course, the town itself was interesting at best.  There was an art gallery there where I saw a painting of an old truck that was gorgeous, can’t remember the price.  I might have to stop by and check that out again too.  Don’t want to buy too much art stuff before Santa Fe, which is supposedly art central.  With the curtains, I can at least store stuff in my truck without it being too visible.

I notice I keep saying, “can’t remember.”

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