Hwy 25

Slept in, oops.  Dogs have been waking me up early for walks for the past month.  In Las Cruces, Frank’s dog would just bark at me or spill my coffee until I got up to walk her.  She knows I’ll walk her every morning, maybe I’ll miss that?  Just her, she’s a great dog!  Frank needs a dog though, he needs someone barking at him to get his butt out of bed too.

I headed back to Truth or Consequences for those mineral hot springs, they’re just amazing.  Since I could take my time heading to Santa Fe, thought I’d soak for another half hour and possibly check out the town.  You can do a half hour soak for  $5, no brainer.  From there, I went to the Rio Grande to find some food in the small town.  There were these kids holding onto a rope in the river for what was supposed to be a rubber duck race at 2pm.  At the park, there was a little event going on with a couple of food trucks and some interesting displays of things to buy.  I did wind up with a much needed hat and a pulled pork sandwich before I headed back for the duck races.  It seemed like they were having technical difficulties?  We were all waiting for the ducks, I was camera ready for them, nothing happened.  It occurred to me that it was 90 degrees in a tank dress with no sunscreen, I opted for some shade across the street and waited, waited, waited.

Bored with waiting, the art gallery where I saw that truck painting was close by, I took the chance of missing the duck race to run in and see how much that painting was…$3,000, so much for that.  Rushed back to the river to watch people stand around for another 15 minutes or so.  I had now been in TOC for hours, talked to a few locals who could have either been 60 or 30, I don’t think people age well there despite the hot springs.  It was time for me to go, even though the rubber duck race could have been exciting.

Next stop was Albuquerque (thank you spell check).  Not a lot of latte’s available on the road out here, not like there is at every stop along I5 to and from LA-SF.  Found a Starbucks for my jolt of caffeine.  When I was little, I associated Albuquerque with singers like Glenn Campbell.  Now, of course, it’s hard not to associate it with Breaking Bad.  What surprised me was there were billboard signs for injury attorneys everywhere, like “Better Call Saul,” only worse…”Hurt, Call Bert.”  The couple who were in Starbucks lived up to the Breaking Bad reputation.  They were loaded, wild eyed, unpredictable.  I find this a lot when I travel by small plane into random places, it’s really pretty heartbreaking to see.  When my order was up, I was out of there!

Got to Santa Fe, hard to hide my disappointment in my on-line lodging choice close to mini-malls and a check cashing place, I might as well be in Bakersfield.  I’m about 4 miles out from downtown, drove down last night for dinner and I can’t wait to check it all out today.  At dinner, there was a guy playing guitar and singing  “La Bamba” when I sat down.  Reminded me of my dad, when he was my young,  handsome dad.  He used to sing at nightclubs, my favorite was La Bamba.  Kind of bittersweet really, it was nice to have a good memory of my dad.

The last thing, in this lengthy blog, is that my allergy/cold is gone.  Have a tinge of my back pain, not too bad.  Could it be all the pills or the hot springs?

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