Tourist in Santa Fe

One really long day is good here, that’s exactly what I did.  First stop was the coffee shop/book store, something I so miss.  I don’t miss the Barnes and Noble with the Starbucks at all, it’s the small business bookstores that are all gone in Walnut Creek.  Always loved libraries and books stores, closet nerd.

Nothing is cheap here, thought I’d get some stuff for my future daughter in law, it’s a little overwhelming.  Tried on a cool hat, $800, the $15 hat is going to have to work for me.  Looked at some pottery, again, hundreds but half off today.  Is it better to start super high and have to haggle to what I think the price should be, or just price it to sell?  Felt a little like Egypt in some of the stores.  Beautiful stuff though, there was one painting I really did like that I thought was priced well.  Actually, there’s a ton of great art work here, just one I thought I could maybe afford.  Not really an art collector, most of our paintings are from people we know.  The living room is the Southwestern room, with paintings from my grandmother and her friends.  On the couch is a rug my uncle weaved.

Being in this artsy town inspired me to start printing some of my photos when I get home at least.  Not that my photography is on par with any of these artists, there are a few shots that would work at least.

Since I couldn’t afford anything (or want to carry expensive artwork in a hot, dusty truck), went to a few of the museums.  Everyone has their own museum pace, for my mom it would take a full afternoon.  Mine is actually pretty quick, “cool, cool, a 5th grader could do that, wow, I need a bathroom & a latte.”

What I really wanted to do was pop the drone up before it got too windy, so that’s what I did.  Found a spot up a canyon that was a staging area, not a National Park (they’re banned).  The feature shot was from almost 400′ AGL straight up from where I was.  Didn’t want to keep it up too long, there were still some heavy gusts.  For sunset, I found an even better spot that was too gusty by then for the drone.  Got some shots with my regular camera, that could use an upgrade.

Quick note about the truck, it’s flex fuel and they have ethanol here.  I had to look up if I could mix the two, it should be fine.  The ethanol is actually cheaper than gas, have to see how the truck runs on it.

One hectic thing that happened was on the way back from downtown there was a guy face down in the left hand turn lane with his motorcycle a few hundred feet away.  I missed the fall, it couldn’t have been more than a minute before I got there since I was one of the first to hop out of my car.  I had to prepare myself that I could be walking up to a dead body.  There was one guy there who saw him crash, he had called 911, then I saw an arm move.  He was really lucky, although he probably has a concussion since he couldn’t remember what happened or a few things that happened once he started moving.  He was wearing a helmet, or it would have been a cracked head.  There were 3 women nurses who pulled over to help.  This was in the mini-mall part of town (where I’m staying).  It was just really nice to see that at least 10 of us stopped until he was taken away.  I joked and told him his wife was probably going to sell his motorcycle.  Just kind of a reminder that life is fragile, things happen in a split second and you never see it coming.  His visible damage was road rash chin, didn’t look like he needed stitches.  Lucky!

Here are a few more pics, only the right bottom one is altered with Photoshop express.



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