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Took the long way to Farmington from Santa Fe for a night, to break up my drive, not because it’s a destination.  From Santa Fe, I went up Hwy 84 to Hwy 64 instead of the faster route through the desert.  So glad I did, that was spectacular!!  I kept pulling over to take pictures, I REALLY wanted to get the drone up it was just way too gusty.  I have to be careful with it too, they’re banned in national parks that I was going in and out of. Most of it looked like Indian land grants.  It was weird, these amazing bluff formations (caused by the wind blowing through there I’m sure) and then these enclaves of trailers, run down houses, junk yards basically.  I wanted to get pictures of that, yet I didn’t want to seem disrespectful either.

At the base of red rock was Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch, which wouldn’t have seemed too odd if it weren’t for the rest of the drive.  How was she able to purchase that when it all seemed protected by land grants?  I’m not going to look that up right now, just curious.

Made me think of Lonesome Dove too, one of my favorite books.  When that book came out, I bought it for my whole family.  My son’s neighbor was telling me, when we were in Truth or Consequences, that Larry McMurtry would go to those towns to study and write about it.  Thought I had read most of his books, I’ll have to find those stories.

Before I head out for the day, just have to say I can’t believe I’ve never done this?  Or that I’m the last to do this, seems like everyone I know has gone for this type of trip and here I am at 55 finally doing this.  Especially since my mom is from Bisbee, AZ and I’ve gone there many times.  My grandparents traveled all through here their whole lives, I have pictures and paintings from their travels.  My family history is wild West, and I’ve never done this?

My only explanation is that I’ve never had the time or money to be able to just explore.  My boys have gone XC quite a few times, I wasn’t invited.  At least I’m doing this while my health is decent, even if I haven’t felt good this whole time.  Along with taking pictures, I had to pop a few advil for the drive for my back.  The truck helps, so does cruise control if I have a straight road.  My F150 is the official car of New Mexico I’ve decided.  There are quite a few in the parking lot right now, meaning I don’t stand out – besides the CA plates.

Alright, my slow morning routine is completed & I can now load up for the next destination.  These are unfiltered.

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