Monument Valley

What a spectacular few days this has been, with limited access to chargers because I thought coffee was more important than bringing along portable chargers.  My truck has a plug, just not enough to keep the car running for a lengthy time.  The coffee I have mastered with one of those Jet boils coupled with a pour over travel mug I found online.  Truthfully, I could just walk up to the store here for coffee.

I’ve been staying at Goulding’s camp ground the past few nights, sleeping in the back of my truck.  The way I parked it, my morning view is amazing!  Even as I write this, the truck bed is open as I look onto Monument Valley’s sunrise.  I bought 2 cheap ‘o camping pads from Big 5 years ago that happened to still be in my truck, blown up.  Before I left, I treated myself to an expensive one, thermarest or something, that never did seem to blow up right.  I ended up stacking the 2 cheap ones on top of each other to sleep as well as possible.  I don’t pretend to be a camper, coffee and sleep are the 2 most important things to me…yes, even before food.

What to even say about the past few days??  The film card is full, I’ll have to remedy that before my next stop.  This is a really busy place, not even sure if the tourist season has kicked in yet?  It’s worth it to suck it up on the lodging end of things to just camp, then spend the money on that all day tour.  Our guide lives in Monument Valley, we got to see the private areas and be the only ones out there.  It included lunch, then we went to the normal tour area to see how crowded that actually was.

There’s a Christmas card picture of our former roommates before we got married that is from here.  Our roommate Darcy was a returning student at Berkeley, her boyfriend at the time was this guy who was also from Manhattan Beach, Steve.  When Darcy graduated, they bought a van to do a XC trip and this was one of their stops.  We packed up to move to suburbia to become parents.  I think of that picture when I think of Monument Valley, it seemed like they were the only ones here, total adventurers (which they were).  Now I realize it’s very much a tourist destination where they probably waited in line to have someone take their picture.  I bring this up because they’ve both passed away, within a year of each other, in their early 40’s.  I told a mutual friend last year that they lived as if they knew they would die young.  He said that people think the van they bought to travel in might have been the cause.  I think it’s the universe for that picture, then the early deaths.  Now I see it’s a tourist shot and it could have been the van…tragic.

Back to my mid-life trip (55 isn’t really ML anymore, a little past that).  There are a ton of jeep tours here that will take you on the road you can drive your car on.  It’s worth it for the deluxe tour, especially if you have all day for it.  In the afternoon, it got REALLY gusty!   I was glad for my $15 hat.  I tried to shade my camera, there’s even dust in my teeth it was so bad.

The facilities here have laundry, first thing was to hop in the pool while the dust was swirling around the machine.  Besides sleeping in the truck, this is pretty much glamping.  With the winds,  I’m glad I wasn’t in a tent.  There’s a private airstrip here too that would be fun to fly into one day, until those gusts kicked up.  Because they’re so unpredictable, the drone didn’t launch either.  Some parts you can’t fly a drone anyway, with all the dust that possibly ruined my camera it just wasn’t worth the risk


All the campground neighbors have left, just leaving this obnoxious Texan sounding guy on his cell phone that probably is in the 45′ motorhome above me.  Finish my coffee and pack up.  I’ll have to post the nice camera pictures when I get to a better wifi spot.  For now, just a few from the past few days from my iphone view from my truck, with one four corners shot.


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