Happy Trails

Hard to leave Monument Valley without shedding a few more tears for Darcy and Steve, how short their lives ended up being.  They did a ton in a short amount of time, they traveled extensively.

In some ways, I feel like this is the AARP pilgrimage journey.  What is it about getting a certain age and wanting a boat or an RV to travel (or sail) the world?  Whatever it is, I’ve fallen into the stereotype to see as much as possible before the end.  I love sailing, not enough to sail around the world.  Sailing to Sam’s for lunch is good for me, maybe to Mexico for a Bahaha one day.  I’m afraid my surfing days may be over, the last two trips I wound up with broken ribs due to osteopenia.

In a way, it’s surprising I’ve never done this?  My mom is from Arizona, my whole family has done this except for me.  I spent my summers in Bisbee, AZ with my grandparents, my uncle would take us camping when we were little.  They just never brought me this far North when I was younger.  Right now, I’m at Lake Powell, which is about an 8 hour drive from Bisbee or I’d ask my uncle to come up and join me.  One thing about growing up in LA with the month in AZ every summer is I get how to pass cars on these highways.  On the senior citizen road to Lake Powell, I kept getting stuck behind “RVAMERICA,” or whatever they’re called, going 40 miles an hour.  The truck passes them handily.

The winds on the trip so far have been relentless.  Besides the tour boats, there aren’t any other recreational kayaks or stand up paddleboards available with these winds.  I did go for a tour on one of the boats last night, that was well worth it.  There was a (wannabe, which is me) photographers tour to Antelope Canyon that is booked a month out.  My husband booked this nice room for me for the night so I wouldn’t make another mistake of staying in a place like Farmington, across from the adult video store/check cashing.  If it weren’t for the winds, I’d be out on the water for sure.  Although, baking on a lake doesn’t sound appealing right now.

This was a nice stop,, I’ll probably come back to just explore here one day.

The pics are a combination of Monument Valley and Lake Powell.  I’m including two pictures I had someone take of me in Monument Valley, one he took by accident that I actually like – the feature photo.  The other one cracks me up because the whole purpose was to get the shot of the natural structure, with me in the middle of it, and it’s just me.  I practically rock climbed for that shot, how do you f that up?  Oh well, maybe I can salvage in photoshop when I get home.  Apologies for how crappy these are, sleeping in a truck 2 nights (including a nap in it before my room was ready here) and the high winds aren’t helping my creativity.


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