Grand Canyon, Bucket List item checked off

When I was a little girl at my grandparents in Arizona, my grandma would read to me every night before I went to bed.  The one I remember the most is “Brighty of the Grand Canyon.”  It was my favorite childhood book, mostly because it was from great memories of my grandparents.

For the first time ever, I finally went to the Grand Canyon.  Talk about a bucket list thing to do!!  Not sure what to recommend on this one, certainly not the lodging.  I’m in Williams at a brand new Holiday Inn Express, which is clean, I’ll give it that.  The acoustics in here make it so you can hear every footstep, it’s like elephants having a dance party all night.  Then, just when I thought it was going to get better a tour group checked in surrounding my room.  It was banging of doors and a hall party until I slept from sheer exhaustion.  The doors are all banging while I write.

The train from Williams was great, really glad I did that.  Without my family, again I splurged on the first class with a really comfortable ride.  Thought it might be musty/dusty, not at all.  I was in the luxury dome, there were also parlors downstairs that were really comfortable.  It doesn’t  go around the canyon, it just takes you to the South Rim.  They explain the maps and some things not to do, like take a selfie off of a cliff – 25 deaths last year, one last week.  The attendant gave me a game plan for my 3.5 hours in the park.  I walked (I wouldn’t call it hiking, although I was wearing hiking boots) 2.5 miles to the visitor center, then took a tram back for lunch & some more of the spectacular view closer to the train stop.

It was a perfect taste of the Grand Canyon for a day, I’ll be back for sure!  Next time, I want to stay in the park and hike the Bright trail.  The weather was actually perfect for that, I had a light jacket on the whole time.  The weather is tricky, It seems like May is great besides the winds.  The temp everywhere I’ve been has been manageable with no bugs.  The winds though!   Once it gets to summer, I know from my childhood that the monsoons kick in.  I used to love the thunderstorms, make for gorgeous sunsets too.  Doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun for driving and camping.

Right before I went back on the train, I took one last long look at the canyon.  I say I’m coming back, you never know though.  Thought about my grandparents, both long gone now, and how lucky I am to have had someone to read to me at night and calm me through those AZ thunderstorms.

What I’ll have to do is go through my photos on a decent computer when I get back.  I’ll just put a few pics up now.  Feature photo of Grand Canyon has no touch ups.  The other 2 are from my drive out here from Lake Powell.


Vegas baby!



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