Still Adjusting

That’s the thing about getting home from a big trip, now what?  The weather has been super windy everywhere I’ve gone, including here or I would go sailing.  My back feels good enough to single handed sail, just don’t know if it’s worth it to throw it out again.  The 3 things that trigger a spasm seem to be pulling the plane out, sailing, and sitting at a desk for too long.  The last 2 times I surfed, I broke my ribs.  I’m down to a slow crawl…

Not really, I hiked around a reservoir yesterday, that strengthens my back.  The most I hiked the whole trip was in my flip flops in Las Vegas, was being super careful since I was alone.

My routine here is all messed up, I have had the same routine for 20 years until that Peet’s coffee, horrible customer service incident that left me the bad guy with no place to go.  Food poisoning from my favorite lunch place (lettuce, they assured me I was the only one who got sick) and persona non-grata at Peet’s, I have no routine here anymore and it’s freaking me out.

One of the things I was thinking of doing in Las Cruces is getting a small trailer for the back of my truck with the 3% sales tax.  I’ve looked twice, it just seems like a pain in the ass to haul a trailer at 55 mph.  When I was in Williams, AZ, this guy had the same truck as mine.  He said he bought it for a trailer, then the trailer was destroyed in a massive hail storm.  My uncle was saying something about paint on cars not lasting long out there, now that I see how windy and dusty my whole trip was I can see why.

In Mammoth, I saw a camper top called a Palamino.  Maybe that would work?  It was actually pretty comfortable sleeping in the back of the truck, as long as I didn’t drink any fluids after 6p and could sleep through the night without peeing.  My whole family has nixed a trailer camper, maybe they’d change their minds if it was a camper top?  I don’t need anything big, otherwise you just stay inside if it’s too comfortable.

I talk a big game, that’s how my mind works…weigh the pros & cons until I’ve completely talked myself out of something.

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