A night on the boat

This would seem to be a perfect sailing day, it’s nice to just relax though.  Because of all the dog sitting, I haven’t slept on the boat for months.  It’s rare that there are two days in a row to even sail somewhere overnight with all the family stuff lately and being out of town.  We did sleep here for the engagement party, our house was full of my son’s friends from New York.  There have also been toilet problems ever since I took that group out, my husband fixed the pump part it just wasn’t tight enough so there was a leak.  We don’t use it that much, there’s a pump out service that comes and luckily this all happened a few days after they came.  It does put a damper on spending the night on the boat.

My husband tolerates sailing, he’s starting to like it.  Yesterday there were high winds on the Bay, thought we’d just come out to kick back and fix that leak.  The guy in the dock next to me has a racing boat and was going out…I feel a little guilty for this, but I hopped aboard while my husband stayed and fixed the leak.  It was perfect!  On the way out he did everything, I just pulled the jib out and dealt with the tacks.  On the way back, I took the helm and never felt too overpowered it handled that well in 20+knots.  I’m still pretty weak from my back stuff, afraid I’m not very good crew.  The guy was good about it, he just appreciated any help.

When we got back, my husband had fixed the leak so I could spend the night on the boat.  Slept like a rock for the first time in a month, didn’t even finish the Charlize Theron career ending movie “Atomic Blonde.”  Now I’m just drinking my pour over coffee and writing.  It would be cool to just head out, it’ll be too busy out on the water and I have a party to go to later.  Sitting here with my coffee, cleaning stuff on the boat is good enough for me.

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