Wimping out

The winds here have been hectic, it’s really hard to justify getting out there to fly or sail at the expense of, well, my life.  I was supposed to fly the plane up for an oil change about an hour from here until I saw the 30knot forecast, then I sent a txt to my CFI who asked me to wait for a day.  They got someone else to fly it.

High winds and big waves are not my idea of a good time.  My friend, Cheyenne, is on her adventure sailing around the world.  She has a great blog (she’s an amazing writer) called “Sailing Pristine” where she writes about just getting to Monterey this week.  She’s WAY braver than I am!!  I met her racing, she has the best attitude ever and is pretty fearless.  I consider myself somewhat fearless, with a great respect for mother nature and my aging brain/body.

Honestly, I couldn’t do the sail around the world thing and don’t even have the desire to.  Maybe one day I’ll sail to Mexico along the coast, my boat is perfect for that actually.  Otherwise, staring at the ocean for days on end going 5 mph is not my idea of a good time.  The planning involved on a trip like that is not my forte either, I can barely fill up my Yeti thermos with a latte before I get out.  Basically, my planning skills would leave me the first one eaten if the going got tough.

I suppose it’s good to know your limits, pushing them was fine when I was younger.  Now I’m all about not getting injured (or killed).  The MLC phase of my life is over, unless I live to be 110.  There’s also kind of a relief to not having to prove myself anymore, not doing everything for the competitiveness of it.  I’m tired of competing, although I’m actually pretty competitive.  That “proving them wrong” about me drive is fading.  Just feel lucky I still have better hand eye and reaction speed still.

I’ll just have to live vicariously through Cheyenne’s blog…

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