New Routine

Being a creature of habit, this whole Peet’s coffee fiasco has thrown me totally off.  There is still $10 left on my app, I’m too cheap not to use it, I’ll never go back to my daily place the last 20 years ever again.  I don’t know what happened to Peet’s?  It’s slow service and now I find out, totally crappy customer service.  I’m just not their customer anymore, they want the Starbucks customer who practically asks for breast milk in their drinks.  The savvy customer, who can speak in a different language unique to coffee shops now…no more “medium latte” customers.

My new routine has been to walk to lunch, then check out family owned coffee places, then swim.  The goal here is get some exercise and strengthen my back, it’s been a really good routine.  I could always eat lunch at home and make my own latte, I really need to get out every day for my mental health since I’m not working anymore.

After that gusty day I passed on with the plane, I went ahead and did some touch & goes with the Piper Archer yesterday.  It was still pretty windy, just not 30 knots!!  The first landing was a rusty one (there is the “any landing is a good landing” philosophy).  The next 4 went a little smoother, adjusting every time to what went wrong on the previous landing.  A few times there was a little crosswind, had to adjust the ailerons into the wind and rudder it down the runway.  The final landing was the best, short because of the wind.  This would be a good routine if it wasn’t so expensive.

The club I’m in does check rides every 6 mos, my 2 year FAA physical came up too.  What a crock these physicals are, I don’t know why the FAA has designated examiners?  Something changed with the medical since I got mine last time, it used to be every 2 years if you’re over 40.  The Dr. is supposed to screen you to see if your healthy enough to fly, I put down my low blood pressure that’s normal for me and he kind of freaked.  Am I supposed to lie on these?  I don’t want to fly with someone who’s lying on it, I didn’t think it would ground me.  My BP on my exam with them was fine, but I got charged $50 more for the inconvenience of it all.

Get myself ready for my 2 check rides the next few months.  I’ve finally decided that I’m not going to go for my IFR, I don’t want to deal with anything besides perfect weather and mild winds.  I was told that I wasn’t the only one who wouldn’t fly in those 30 knot gusts the other day.


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