Full House

My son moved back in with his now wife while I was gone.  It’s a little bit of an adjustment, I’m used to having the house to myself – if I’m ever even home.  The official wedding for us isn’t until October, they got married a few weeks ago on paper to get the green card immigration stuff over with and the clock ticking.  She can’t work or leave the country for possibly a year and a half, she’s from Turkey.

The biggest adjustment is the dog!  Although I’ve been dog sitting and he loves it here, he’s not quite house trained.  He’s a little Yorkie, known to bite, all the way from Turkey.  When the boys left home, I envisioned new carpets and furniture after 2 boys/2 dogs.  Because of my extreme laziness and/or lack of designer knowledge along with some extremely high bids it just never happened.

The other thing I didn’t anticipate was my in-laws furniture!!  When my MIL passed away, my husband took a lot of the furniture from the house to furnish our boys places then brought a lot of it here.  The garage is already filled, not sure if his brothers took any of it?  Just a heads up, anything you give to your IL’s comes back to you later so choose wisely.  My house is now decorated by my IL’s, I’m sure they’re high five’ing each other somewhere with big grins that their DIL, who thought she was going to  have some nice things, is now stuck with Levitz clearance items from the ’70’s.

It is my boys childhood home, I don’t ever want them to feel unwelcome.  It’s just an adjustment, I do have my boat to go to if I ever need a break.  As much as I needed a break when they were little (and never got one) that time went by in lightening speed.  I was so busy, it was a total blur.  I adore my new DIL!!  She’s a girls, girl while I’m a total tom-boy.  She’s a good influence on us all, she’s really thoughtful.  While I can’t imagine moving in with my IL’s, at all, I’m trying to make it so this is her home too.

The dog has made this his home a long time ago, we have a love fest whenever I come home.  I sit in the recliner when I get home and just pet him for about 10 minutes so he feels loved and welcome.  He’s probably wondering why he ever had to live in Berkeley to be left alone all day while they worked?  Then he has to listen to me play bad piano, I’ll have to find a time to practice when no one is here.

It has to be hard for her, she’s very close to her family.  In the meantime, I’m sure the time for me to take care of my mom is closing in on me too.  She’s been emailing and calling twice a day, forgetting that she talked to me to say the exact same thing the day before.  If I don’t email back, she thinks I didn’t get her email and then calls.  The lack of a reply is because I replied to the same email the day before, kinda thought one reply was enough?  That’s all for another day, I still need to start this one!


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