In search of a new coffee place

This whole Peet’s poor customer service fiasco has me in an afternoon latte free fall.  At times, I’ve actually had to resort to Starbucks, which is almost like stopping at a rest area for coffee in one of those machines.  The odd thing has been different coffee shops attract different customers, I’m just learning all this.

The Peet’s customer used to be serious coffee drinkers, no flavored drinks, PLM (people like me) who need a strong boost and would like to just sit back for a bit to read a book.  The first one I had ever been to was when I lived in Oakland, I’d go to the flagship Berkeley store.  I even bought stock when it went public, and then a corporation bought it.  Now  there’s the flavored drinks and K-cups, which should have been the sign of impending doom.  I always got my drinks “for here” so I could read and save waste.  So far I haven’t found another place that does that.

On the South side of town is Pacific Bay, which is decent coffee without a coffee shop vibe.  I’ve been trying to love it, it’s not very crowded and a little out of my way from my normal OCD routine.  Sadly, it’s too far out of my way if my routine includes the gym  on the way home to swim.  It’s a little bit of a location problem more than anything else.

They opened a Philz coffee right by our old office that’s booming.  Opening day was free coffee to train  the employee’s, our whole office was wired.  Philz doesn’t make latte’s or steam milk, they do pour over coffee with cream.  The few times I’ve been there I must have gone during the mom groups time with strollers everywhere.  When my kids were little I would have loved that, now I just want to read my New Yorker on my Kindle and have a place to sit.  The other problem I have with it is I do pour over coffee on my boat, I don’t really need to pay more for that.  It’s a good meeting place though, I’m plenty wired when I leave.

The other place I’ve been trying to love is the Coffee Shop for $5 a pop.  They have that Square system where they flip the screen around and the suggested tip amounts come up, minimum $1, making it a $6 latte.  It’s also just way too hip for me, millennial start up crowd where everyone has their laptop and “working.”  Not my vibe at all, it’s a great latte though.  They also have a liquor license, to cover everyones addiction.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold pot soon.

I’m still in search, a caffeine addict without a home.  There are 3 options:

  1. Keep searching for the perfect place
  2. Make latte’s at home
  3. Quit my afternoon latte addiction

I’m still royally pissed at Peet’s for jerking me around on every level after being a loyal customer for 20 years.  With all the competition around here, it doesn’t seem like I should have to crawl back and suck it up.  I’m getting really good at foaming my own latte, which might be my only solution?

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