Prepping for Fleet Week SF

This is a little touch & go usually, last year I went out both days.  This year I was planning on going out on Saturday with the same crew from last year, my pilot friends with their family.  Then I took some childhood friends out a few weeks ago who asked to go on Sunday, so my H proceeded to fill the boat up for Sunday as well.  I just got a txt from the first couple canceling, now I’m chess piecing a crew together.

Here’s how I do it, if I asked people last year and they never got back to me I don’t ask them again.  The pilot friends are guys who had a blast last year, they also have done me a ton of favors throughout the years and I feel like the least I could do is have them come along with me.  It makes me feel good to finally be able to “pay back” in some way.  Then I leave a day for whoever my H wants to invite.  Last year he didn’t go, I invited a very funky political mix and in my briefing said, “No politics” before we shoved off.

I’m coming out of Emeryville, what they do is block off a runway rectangle on the water right in front of SF and I sail up to the city front by the ferry building for the first leg if there’s enough wind.  That way we get some sailing in too, because for the rest of the time we’re going to be motoring.  I slowly go around the “runway” with just enough speed for rudder to dodge the other boats.  It ends over Alcatraz, by that time I’ve crawled over there and can just drop downwind back to Emeryville.  It’s a fun day, a lot of work for me though if I don’t have someone else who can take the helm and dodge the boats so I can pee from time to time.  When we get in I can’t even drive!

Last weekend I introduced another pilot friend of mine to sailing with his wife and 3 year old son.  We had a blast, we sailed to Angel Island (my personal favorite, because usually there’s a hike/nap/latte involved).  Their son got to play in the water at the beach for a little while, he loved it!  It reminded me of when my oldest was that age playing at the beach there, how fast that all went by.

On the way back I asked their son if he liked sailing or flying more and he said, “Sailing!!”  My friend said that’s saying a lot, he loves flying.  When we docked he said, “You’re the captain!”  I said, “You’re dad’s a captain flying” and he said, “Yeah, but this is your boat and you’re the captain!!”  OK, I love this kid.


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