Chill’in @ the Holiday Inn

In Modesto, of all places??  I came out for a housewarming party of a pilot friend of mine then heading to Tahoe to look at open houses and to relax.  But first, I relax here across the street from a Boomers (an arcade basically).

On the way over here I was listening to the music on the radio thinking how weird it was that songs bring up such strange memories and put you right back there?  I have Sirius XM in the truck with my stations setting to the extremes.  It’s not set at one type of music station, I listen to everything.


This one reminds me of driving down to San Diego to see my brother and surf on a sunny day in my VW Squareback.  Every day to me was drunken, sunny, fun.  I would have died of alcohol piosening if I went to SDSU, I don’t know how they lived through it?  Just really glad that I was with my brother in times of black outs.  He lived with his best friends from home who were like brothers to me too.  Besides way too much drinking, the times at the beach down there were fantastic.  There were also many tacos involved.


This one sums up the 80’s for me – the Hollywood dance nights and Sports Center in Redondo with all the volleyball guys in their day.  We loaded up my friends van with a bunch of players to head to the Odyssey in Hollywood one night.  When we were at the door, the bouncer took them aside and told us it was a gay club, so if they’re looking for trouble, we needed to leave now.  We just wanted to dance!  The drink of the night was Tally Ho vodka if I remember correctly.  Many a dance break out at the beach when this song comes on for the 6-man volleyball tournament…still.  It also gave my boys a love of disco while growing up.


Backwards to the 70’s, to a movie my parents wouldn’t let me see.  It was showing at the La Mar that’s long gone now.  The song was really popular in my memories.  My mom’s pretty funny about music, I LOVED Prince and every time it would come on she would threaten to call the station to get him banned.  Really, I rarely listened to words, he just had the best dance music.  I wasn’t one of those kids who sat around pinning listening to love songs, I wanted to dance!  This one was a popular ballad that I liked to just sing to, no idea why?


Going to fast forward to my golfing days right around 9/11 and my friend Mike Jordan who passed away in his early 40’s.  He was one of the pro’s where I worked, we shared the same taste in music and would pass along CD’s we liked.  Mike had been battling illnesses since he was 16, what I didn’t know is how much pain killers he was on.  He was one person in the morning, barely knew who I was in the afternoon.  Those were good times for me, he was a good friend to me.

That’s all the time I have for now, need to get my free breakfast…

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