Can’t Fish

Thought I’d take the week I have free to come to Tahoe and check out some condo’s for my new life as an outdoors woman.  It’s been quite an experience, it’s off season up here and kinda cold.  The good thing about off season is the price of deluxe accommodations, I’m staying at Northstar resort, but all the stores are closed and there’s nobody here.  You park in this massive garage with no cars in it right now.  It has a very Stephen King quality to it.

Since there’s nothing to do here, I ventured to Tahoe City to check things out.  I’ve been there many times, mostly during the Winter or early Spring.  No one was in the water, no sailing or water sports, it’s too cold.  It was a really nice walk along the beach though, even that seems closed right now.  In a way, this is the time to come here without the crowds.

Last time I was here was an attempt to fish.  There’s a Bass Pro Shop on the way up, I stopped there to get a cheap pole and was overwhelmed.  I ended up going next door and getting even a cheaper pole at Walmart with cheap line.  Most of the time was spent putting the line on and then untangling it every time I cast out.  It’s catch and release here, which is fine with me if I knew how to do that.  I had YouTube on the whole time to figure it all out, very handy.  I didn’t catch anything, which probably was a blessing for both me and the fish.

The one time I had a bunch of success was when I hired a guide in Redding.  I flew up there and caught the max of small salmon.  I just reeled them in and he did the rest, we had salmon for weeks.

This time I still had all the fishing gear from my trip a few months ago in the back of my truck, minus my Leatherman…or so I thought.  In looking for a few things I bought when I went back to Bass Pro Shop, I couldn’t find the pliers, hooks, new line?  No matter, I went to the truck bed to get my pole to see how tangled the old line was only to discover that the hook was in my travel pillow that was in the back of my truck from my trip in May.  It was a total amateur move with nothing to disconnect them.  There were only some kids throwing rocks at each other where I was, it’s not like I had an audience.  It was still pretty funny to have this massive truck, ready to fish with a travel pillow as my bait.  I called it a disaster of an  expedition and set my keyboard up in a Starbucks w/ my headphones instead.


Driving around here on a Sunday was enlightening, it was the triathlete crowd.  Everyone had zero body fat with $20k bikes.  Then there’s the total outdoors people, then there’s me?  It’s just lonely up here, even when I had my ski bum year I rarely talked to anyone.  My son would come up on the train, that was fun.

Not sure I’m a year round Tahoe person?  It’s just way too lonely.  I need time to myself to re-charge, that one Winter was too much.  I’d get out of the condo to XC ski or downhill for a few hours, not talk to anyone the whole time.

As for fishing, not done with that yet.  As soon as I get my travel pillow un-hooked and find my purchases I’m going to try again.  Maybe not today, but someday.

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