In search of a latte & piano…

The trip to Las Cruces, New Mexico was a long one yesterday.  We timed it really well with the cars, my husband flew into Oakland and took my car.  On this end, he left his car in the lot in El Paso.  We met when his flight came in at Oakland for breakfast then I had to wait for several hours for my flight at 12:30p.

I wish I could just assume the position at the airport and know that it’s going to be a day of rude, lame people.  When I get on a plane, the first thing I do is pop on the headphones and not talk to anyone (maybe I’m the rude one too?).  When I travel with my mom, she insists on talking to the person next to her the whole time.

The day started out with trying to have breakfast at Chili’s in the airport.  The hostess rudely stared at us a few times and I told my husband I bet she’s going to come up to us and tell us it’s a 20 min. wait.  That’s been my experience with hostesses lately, empty restaurants with 20 min. wait because the hostess hates everyone.  She said there was no food, it was 10a so the breakfast menu was done and the lunch menu hadn’t started yet.  There won’t be any food for about a half hour.  Really??  I’ve never heard of that before.

Instead we went to Starbucks for a yogurt before my husband left.  I just charged my gear and read, not really paying attention until boarding when it was noon and I really hadn’t eaten much.  I shrugged it off, Phoenix is a short flight and I’d deal when I got there to transfer planes…only our plane was late!

There was still a little time in Phoenix, they were pre-boarding when I got there so I found the bathroom and another Starbucks to wait for food and now my afternoon latte.  I wish Sienfeld was around in the times of Starbucks, it is true insanity.  The Starbucks customer is the true pain in the ass connoisseur of coffee.  They know the lingo, want to make sure they get half- low caf/med blend/1.5 percent breast milk.  The employees have to acquiesce to the demands of the high maintenance customer.

What all this means in Heller terms is that I was going to miss my flight if I wanted my med latte, it wasn’t going to happen.  When the next customer started in on his very specific drink, I left the line to be the last person to board the plane.

When I got to El Paso, the airport Starbucks was closed upstairs.  There was one more chance, the one downstairs Starbucks was open!!  No line, I splurged for a pumpkin spice latte, still no food.  At least I had my latte for the drive to Las Cruces, where I knew food would be waiting at Andele’s

Yes it was!!  Food and actual service!!  The hostess said, “Just a few minutes” in a crowded wait area.  I’m not a picky person normally, but when it comes to that Chili’s hostess saying there’s no food I get pissed and call BS.  Because of her rudeness, I ended up not eating the rest of the day.  Some of that was my fault, it just turned into a chain of events that led to me collapsing at Andele’s.

One thing about Las Cruces I’ve noticed is how nice everyone is here.  This visit is a relaxing one, nothing to do all week but hot springs and finding a practice piano place.  Maybe I’ll go back to music school here?  It would be an interesting change up for me.

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