Coffee & Black Friday

Besides the much needed rain, shopping wasn’t as bad as I expected.  This is probably the 1st Black Friday I’ve ever gone to, ONLY because my daughter in law is really excited about Christmas.  This will be her first Christmas, she’s from Turkey.  Her travel papers haven’t come in yet, she won’t be able to go home until they arrive.  She hasn’t seen her family since April when we had the big engagement parties both here and in Turkey.

While my son wanted to watch the over-rated Mickelson – Tiger Woods match,  I took one for the team and braved the rainy Black Friday with her.

Besides the line to just get in Lululemon (not a line I waited in), it didn’t seem that bad.  We only went to a few stores, I knew right away what I wanted to check out.  There’s a Nespresso store where they were discounted and I’ve been meaning to get one.  My coffee shop days are getting numbered, the service sucks and for the holidays, people suck.  I still go to Peet’s whenever I can, just not that Walnut Creek store.  At the one in Lafayette a guy cut in front of me rudely.  At the Coffee Shops  (a new chain) I’ve been trying to love they seem to get my drinks out last, it’s super annoying.  I never know whether I should ask at a certain point in case they lost my order or not?  When I finally watch everyone get their drinks that were behind me in line and ask, I feel like the bitch because NOW they’re working on my drink. One time at Peet’s when they did that they just said, “It happens” rudely while I waited & waited.  Granted, the customers are so high maintenance and WAY more important than me so  there’s that end of things too.  They just think good old Heller is going to sit tight while they cater to more demanding customers.  The other thing about the Coffee Shops is nobody gets it when I bring my own cup?  I bring it in not to waste cups, yet EVERY SINGLE TIME they forget my cup and put it into a to-go cup, completely defeating the purpose.

I should throw in that I don’t complain, I went to that Walnut Creek Peet’s for 20 years with the only complaint being they scalded my milk a few times.  I’d donate my books for an employee lending library, I was a good customer.   One of the girls that worked there was on my volleyball team when I coached.  She dropped out of high school, I bought her a bike to get to work at 5:30am.  They wiped out the staff last year, probably an effort to wipe out long term customers too and attract the pain in the ass crowd.  I left when they messed up my Costco GC’s, didn’t add the balance of the other cards, wouldn’t give me the cards back and told me to call customer service.  It should have been a 2 minute fix, instead it was a week of both customer service & the store employee treating me like I was a thief.

I’m throwing in the towel with coffee places and going to try to just make them at home, which I do from time to time with an old machine I have.  Thought I’d try the Nespresso for the instant gratification with both the milk and capsule at the press of a button.  I keep forgetting that Nespresso is actually Nescafe, basically it’s just popping instant coffee into a cool machine.  I just realized it this morning when I got my first cup.

The first time I had Nescafe was on a rooftop of our hotel in Europe somewhere after a long flight where I was trying to power it until at least 9p to adjust to the the time zone.  I was thinking “bleck.” and still drank it.  Regardless, I’m keeping the machine!  Just have to learn to love it, or put flavor in it, or something.

When I got it home, the box was all soggy from the rain.  There’s a handle for convenient carrying, only it was going to fall out from the bottom if I didn’t carry it right.  When I hooked it all up, it wasn’t pumping water for it’s first rinse out and there were no samples.  I spent last night chatting it up with customer service, who immediately said they would send me the missing capsules saving me another trip downtown.  It was so nice not to be accused of trying to get away with something!!  Then the second call was about the water not flowing through.  I guess you have to prime it, which I would have known if I would have looked at the manual.  They were so busy at the store, they probably forgot to tell me.  It seemed like I had a defective machine with a soggy box it wasn’t going to go back into.  In my world, I want to plug it in and press the button…walaa!  It took awhile, it finally worked when I opened and closed the capsule lid a few times, pushing that air bubble out.

Happy to get out, even in the rain, with all the smoke here the past few weeks.  The sky is clear today, have a few free weeks before Christmas with only weekend plans.  For my birthday, I bought myself a year parking pass to Lafayette Reservoir.  Looking forward to filling up my Yeti mug with my homemade latte for my Rez walks mentally preparing myself for Christmas…yay!










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  1. Probably the best one yet.

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