New Years Goals

Every year I try and make some goals for the new year, sometimes I write them on paper and look at them from year to year to see if I accomplished anything.  One of the biggies from awhile ago was really learning how to sail and buying a boat – mission accomplished.  Some other things on my list (some wishes) was a house that was on the market in Bisbee, AZ for years, an original craftsman from 1906.  That’s been sold, not a dream I share with the rest of my family.

This year I’ve dialed it back a few notches, just to spending some time with my mom.  She’s gotta be lonely, she’s lost all of her friends.  She was talking about assisted living for years, in an effort to not be a pain to us.  The plan was to rent her house to pay for the difference, I just can’t see it though.  She has a few (surviving) friends close by and a few of our childhood friends are living in their childhood homes again after their parents have passed away, they check in on her all the time.  We have a full house or she could move in with us…as I type we’re waiting for the plumber, the house is falling apart!!

This past year I bought a keyboard and a bike for hanging out at her house for extended periods.  Right now they’re at our house, she forgets to close the garage door sometimes and I’m worried the bike will be stolen.  She’s pretty funny about keeping things at her house, I used to have a “vacation corner” of her garage with beach chairs, a bike, some surf boards.  She would mention it EVERY SINGLE TIME I talked to her, “When are you going to get this stuff out of here?”  I cleared it all out, except the beach chair.   I barely go in my kids rooms, I have no idea what they’ve left here when they move back & forth on their own journeys.

Other goals include keeping up with my piano, possibly writing a song that no one will ever hear.  I can’t tell if the lessons are helping or not?  I’m still practicing almost an hour a day, the pieces I play are hard so it’s hard to tell unless I play something easy.  My music theory is really rusty, when the piano teacher says what note am I playing it takes me a few seconds to even recall it.  I still start from C to go back & forth to figure it out like I did when I was 10yrs old.  In that regard, I’m not getting any better.

One thing after “retiring,” I no longer have career goals.  The pictures I take, my sewing projects, are all just for family now.  Writing, photography, sewing have always been things I’ve dabbled with off & on throughout my life thinking they’d lead to something career wise.  Now I don’t need to worry about it and can just kick back to enjoy it.

I actually do want to get my captains license for sailing.  My son & I took a group out yesterday for a BBQ on Angel Island, it would be fun for us to actually charge for events like that and Fleet Week.  He likes sailing, I like the name “Captain Heller.”  Last year was IFR rating that never happened…oops.  That was mostly due to flying below clouds to get somewhere for a really bumpy ride.  I don’t want to fly in bad weather…ever.

This years journey starts with the long drive back to New Mexico, then flying back to LA to spend some time with my mom.  I’ll be a bit of a nomad through January, something I never really get to do.  When I first got my pilot’s license, my plan was to buy a plane to be a nomad.  I thought I’d fly all over to see relatives and freeload, when they asked when I was going to leave I’d say, “I don’t know?”  I’ll have to take that off the list, my family doesn’t like small planes.

So not big goals, just getting through the year un-injured and spending time with my mom.  My surfing days may be numbered, I’m afraid to break my ribs again.  No sports goals for once, unless sailing counts as a sport.  Just keep on choog’lin.

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