From El Paso to LA

Or from real life to fictional reality, where $$ rules the day here instead of being on government shutdown furlough.  Got out of there before Trump came to town to say, “Thanks for taking one for the team for my wall guys, you’re doing the right thing!”  In the meantime, the Christmas Visa bill is about to roll in.

It’s heartbreaking for me to travel through there sometimes, that’s my family down there at the border towns.  Both sets of my mom’s grandparents lived in Bisbee, AZ, she grew up with all her first cousins.  The difference was my grandma’s parents had some money.  My mom was able to go to University of Arizona, become a stewardess for American Airlines and get out of Bisbee at 18.  I was always jealous when I went there for the summer that my cousins got to grow up there and be “loved.”  While I grew up in Manhattan Beach with no family close by and a brutal social caste system of where you ranked in terms of what street you lived on and how much you weighed.

Honestly, those are “Problems of abundance” one of my super wealthy friends told me once.  My cousins didn’t end up in Bisbee, the copper mines shut down and they had to move too.  The job that provided a really good income for my grandpa with a decent retirement was gone soon after he passed away.  My mom’s generation had to scatter to the available jobs, which were at smelters, prisons and border patrol.

The cousins of my generation I’m still in touch with, one just picked me up in Las Cruces yesterday for breakfast and dropped me off at the hotel airport shuttle.  I love seeing them, they bring me back down to earth and always have.  One of her sisters told me once when we were kids she was jealous of my etch-a-sketch, the technology at the time.  When she told me that, I had the new  IPad in my purse.  We were laughing about how it never changes, but I really didn’t know how poor they were growing up.  One clue could have been a 2 bedroom house with 5 kids??

Another cousin is not doing well at all, she’s joined the ranks of the meth zombies.  I saw her last 4th of July, she was sober after one of her boys had OD’d.  She’s a few years younger than me and must look 20 years older.  She was so pretty, athletic, never had a chance.  She grew up in my great grandparents house (grandfather’s parents).  Her mom eventually sold the house for her own drug addictions.  She just lost another son who has 6 kids and was in prison.  The meth mom of the grandkids dropped them all off with her family and took off.  I don’t have one grandkid, she’s got maybe 10 already and is younger than me.

Maybe that’s an extreme case, it’s still pretty common in towns where there are no jobs.  The jobs that are there now, especially those border towns, are government jobs where they’re now on furlough too.

But I’m in Manhattan Beach now, where the Tesla’s & Range Rovers head West off of  Sepulveda and everyone is tan, rich and beautiful.

Don’t mean to sound bitter, it’s just an abrupt culture shock!!  I actually love it here, I’m a beach girl through & through – or at least a water girl.  I’m very lucky my mom left Bisbee when she did, or I would be the one on furlough or meth.  Problems of abundance, I mean that in an eye opening, grateful way.

One last (hopefully) Trump comment:  He’s known for not paying or thinking people should be paid at all, he could really give a shit about that part of it…who BTW is most of his base desperate for jobs.  That jacket he made Melania wear (or maybe she picked her own $30 statement jacket?) is how they are.  Although I have no opinion really about the wall, except $7mil is a tad overboard when the walls in place now are surrounded by mountains on either side, I do think screwing his base to get it makes a real statement.

That’s enough thinking for today, I gotta get outside!!

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