No Sleep

I blame the Diet Coke I drank at dinner last night, haven’t been drinking them lately.  Got my mind spinning all over the place.

While I physically and mentally prepare for my trip to Seattle I’m busy looking up routes and Zillow houses.  That’s been my favorite pastime, Zillow.  It’s a good indicator of what’s going on in that town too, the prices of houses reflect the community.  One time I looked up Redding to see how inexpensive the houses were.  I flew up for a fishing trip and found out why…it looks like everyone’s on meth.  I’ve never seen so many people in their 20’s looking really unhealthy.  My stroll to the Sundial was like the Walking Dead.

Those are just my observations, maybe I was in a bad part of town?  Whenever I go somewhere myself I consider everyone an axe murderer, so I’m pleasantly surprised most of the time.

The coastal route towns look amazing!!  I’ve gone as far as Humboldt (by small plane).  Last year I took a nice trip with the plane to Mendocino for a few days, then on to Humboldt.  Sorry to say, I ran into a meth party in Humboldt I had to get an Uber rescue out of.  Mendocino was a beautiful 2 mile hike to the town on Hwy 1 with no shoulder.  There was no Uber or hardly any cell, I did notice a few cars slow down for me and I was scared.  I thought I could catch the bus back to the small store across from Little River Inn, it was it’s own party shelter.  A woman in a store gave me a ride back when she got off work, she knew.

Those small towns just have no jobs, I get that.  Years ago I drove up the coast to Bodega Bay, thinking that would be a great get-away place.  When I went to the local coffee shop the chat was all spiritual, the Saab convertible didn’t go over well either.  I looked like the bourgeoisie yuppie (before start ups).

I’ll have to plan my route accordingly, maybe I-5 to Eugene & cut over for the day?  It looks like there’s a nice coastal town West of Eugene, Oregon.  Never been to Oregon, only flew over to Seattle last September.

I’ll probably take a week just getting up there, be rested for my friend’s baby instead of a travel day I need to recoup from.

I can’t decide whether I want a small place of my own somewhere or a small plane for my freeloading dream (where I barge in on family to say, “Not sure when I’m leaving?”).  Obviously I’m kidding, I do think about it though.  The places I was looking at in Pacific Grove sold 🙁  The one I’d already envisioned myself in my mind and moved in making the studio downstairs into a…studio.

The thing I’m really scared of is my sleep paralysis, I had another episode the night before last making me afraid to go to sleep last night too.  It’s a horrible feeling, you can’t move or talk & I found myself screaming in my dream – thinking I was awake – then nothing but a moan comes out of me until I wake up.  A few months ago I couldn’t breathe, Freddy Krueger stuff.  There’s rarely a time I have a “normal” dream, they’re usually nightmares.  One thing that’s helped is watching Seinfeld before I sleep instead of Law & Order re-runs.

Makes me tired all day, then there’s the incessant rain giving me cabin fever.  Sleeping pills give me vivid dreams then make me medicine tired the next day.  I probably have to worry about my sleeping patterns more than anyone hiding in the woodshed on my trip.



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