Risk taking

Got a day of motoring about to Jack London Square in, no winds.  It’s been months since I’ve been able to take out the boat due to rain or just plain old too cold, otherwise we’re back to rain here in NorCal.

I’m going to go for it and just drive up to Seattle, I’ll have enough time for anything that might happen along the way (like a flooded I-5).

Paying bills & laundry, told my family their crisis’ will have to wait.  It’s rare I get a few weeks totally off.

Something the rain cancelled was my 6 mos check ride for flying, I won’t get that in until I get back.  This opportunity for a plane partnership came up that I was really excited about, I’ve been in the plane before & am very familiar with that particular plane.  I met with everyone, it all seemed cool until I looked further into one of the conditions…that I fly right seat as PIC (pilot in command) for the non-pilot partners.

Turns out that is good with FAA, I thought you had to be a CFI to fly right.  On further digging, it’s an insurance issue so worst case scenario happens and no insurance – on top of a potential lawsuit cuz hey, I’m PIC.  My husband let me know that I’d be dead, my family would take the brunt financially.  I don’t have a problem learning how to fly from right, I probably should anyway.  I’m also not opposed to letting another non-pilot take the plane while we fly straight or something, that’s NBD.

It’s OK, the flying club planes are fine so it’s not like I’m in a big rush.  I guess I visualized a partnership being independent of the other pilots, unless they wanted to ride along or vice-versa.  If flying wasn’t so risky by nature, it would be a lot different.  My Godfather was a pilot for Pan Am, died in a plane crash when I was little.  So did my friend Renato, the safest pilot EVER, a few years ago.  He helped me get my license, got me on the board & had to txt me every single month about what time the meeting was (because I could never remember).  Usually crashes have some sort of pilot error, this seemed to be an autopilot lock?  It was a new Garmin panel, his wife is suing.

When I first started flying our estate attorney & good friend freaked.  He said he loses a client a year to small plane crashes.  I’m aware of the risks and respect anyone who doesn’t want to go up in a plane with me, including my family.

It took me awhile to get back in a plane after Renato died, when I did I was fine.  We certainly all know the risk going up, and the thrill of it when you’re thinking “I get to do this!”  As much of a semi-risk taker as I am, leaving behind a bunch of potential lawsuits for my family is not something I can risk.  Really, anything can happen @ any time.  The most common thing is someone re-marrying and the new spouse swiping the estate from the kids.  Happens all the time…

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