1st Leg to Mt Shasta

Loaded up with ski’s and Nespresso machine, yes I finally decided to go for it and drive to Seattle.  This has been done many times by college kids and parents headed to Eugene, it’s the first time I’ve done it.  I’ve flown into Redding a few times, not knowing about the meth problems in these towns until I walk around a bit.  The farthest I’ve gone driving has been to a small town where I had a drone job with a start up I worked for a few years ago.  I drove back and forth for 2 days, didn’t stay the night there.

Hard to see, but that “Not in our Town” means no meth.

Once I passed Redding it was gorgeous!!  The countless times I’ve driven I-5 to LA is about the most boring trip anyone can imagine, straight through the valley for hours with nothing but a few cattle ranches to wake you up from the smell.

Sorry this is so big, I can’t seem to shrink it?  Ode to my brother’s rockabilly band days & how I spend my road trip time:

Getting up here took me right through the forest, first the burnt out part before it got to the real beauty right by Lake Shasta.  Alas, it’s raining here melting all the snow.  Good for getting through here today, bad for any outdoor activities like hiking or breaking out my camera.  I put myself on a semi-tight schedule, the way up is to check things out so I can take my time on the way back.

Things I would do if it weren’t for the rain?  Lots of hiking trails, there’s a ski area close by for downhill & XC skiing…and that lake!!  I’d be all over that if it were remotely possible.  With the rain, it’s limiting me to sip my coffee and writing about the things I might do next time I come through here.

I’m staying at the Mt. Shasta resort, which are actually pretty nice little “cabins” supposedly close to some trails.  There’s a cute picnic area right out front, which is useless right now.  A few gripes, the non-smoking room smells like smoke and my neighbors rolled in around 11p with however many people banging car doors, yelling, headlights, slamming.  Things you would expect out of a group of people pitching in $20 a night for a room (they’re big rooms, easy to fit 6 or more people).  That’s the 2nd time I must have been on the same pace as a tour group?

They left early too, which is fine by me because I was already awake.  Now I can just leisurely watch the rain while I gear up for the next leg.

I have not heard from my friend about the baby, she was induced yesterday.  Not that I expected to hear, she’s a little busy!!  She knows I’m on my way, how I’m working this is that if she needs me – I’m there.  I learned a long time ago that when people are in need, it’s one thing to say, “Let me know if you need anything” and another to actually do something.  When my 2nd was born, one of the women at my son’s pre-school came over for a few hours so I could just ride my bike downtown.  It was so nice to get out on my own, even for a few hours.

Playing everything by ear according to her needs, ready (armed with caffeine) for whatever comes at me.


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