Eugene, OR

Not the best time of year to travel through here, better than last week when the Amtrak train got stuck in the snow for 3 days.  It rain/snowed on my drive, making it easy to get over the passes that were either closed or chain controlled last week too.

This is my first trip ever through Oregon, this town in particular is a college town.  Thought I’d get a quaint hotel on the river, which it is, it’s just sharing the parking lot with a mall and I have the parking lot view.  That’s OK, only here for a night before heading to Portland.

I’ll try and get some decent pics, it’s just been raining non-stop with that little break yesterday while I threw my bag in the truck.  I’ve noticed that unless there are pics involved, no one reads this :).


The rest stops along the way have been nice with viewing areas, not used to that.  I stopped at one with a visitor center right at the border, with a homemade board about “The state of Jefferson.”  A few places I saw it said “Jefferson State” and was a little curious?  I’d heard rumblings throughout the years but didn’t know much about this so where did I research?  Where else, google & wikipedia.  In a nutshell, Northern CA and Southern Oregon want their own state.  These are the rural areas, upon reading the all-knowing wikipedia they also voted for Trump by a landslide…not surprising as a drive through observer.

With a break in the rain/snow, got the drone up for a few shots in the mall parking lot right before a mall cop almost busted me…a narrow escape…living on the edge!

On the way out I tried to stop in downtown Eugene for lunch and was discouraged when I filled up for gas.  Actually, it’s full service gas here which took me aback.  Someone grabbing my credit card and saying it’s full service while traveling solo is not my idea of “safe.”   He had to convince me further, then he told me places to go and where not to go and we got along fine.  My FIL owned a gas station in Manhattan Beach where my H and his brothers worked in HS.  That was probably the last full service gas station I’ve been to (late 70’s, early 80’s)?  Back in the day, gas stations were where you went to get directions, maps, travel tips.  It was really nice, his tip was to skip downtown due to no great restaurants or parking.

Downtown Eugene, lots of dispensaries on my travels so far

Eugene is a lot like Las Cruces in the food department, chain restaurants and mini malls.

Didn’t have enough time to fully explore, it seems like more of a college town than a destination spot.  I grabbed lunch at a chain with those whopper whipped cream pies (I didn’t eat, they looked good though) and took off.  My timing for packing has been great, once I was on the road it rained the whole way.


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