Bend, Oregon

Last stop, what a great adventure this has been…nothing like a lengthy road trip to make you appreciate a nice shower and super sonic toothbrush.  My husband has been the concierge while I just drove, letting him know where I was going to be the next night then an email reservation would pop up and I would just press the address & go.

When I first pulled up to Wall Street Suites after driving from Seattle, I thought he got me a crappy motel off the Hwy.  When I saw the clerk didn’t have track marks (I say that because I couldn’t stay in a hotel in Santa Cruz, CA because of the clerk), I thought I’d at least check out the room.  It was like a small cabin, I slept like a rock!  It was convenient to downtown, hoofing distance.

Bend was beautiful, I hit some decent weather to get out.  The downtown area reminded me of Walnut Creek when I first moved here in 1992 before they built up Broadway Plaza.  It’s even more beautiful with a river right through it, gorgeous bungalow houses, lots of my favorite things (like coffee shops).

There’s still snow on the ground, after checking out the downtown I drove around a bit to cover as much territory as I could.  The only bummer about this trip was off-season timing, otherwise I could have hiked or spent time on that river.  Instead I checked it out for a return trip, possibly a place to live?  Those houses were gorgeous, not bargain basement either.  The Old Bend houses are over a million.

Favorite house

A few things about Oregon that I wasn’t used to, the zero sales tax.  That was a nice little bonus that I read was subsidized by a higher personal income tax.  The other thing was the gas station attendants…by the 3rd time I filled up I didn’t scream when the guy came to the window to fill up.  My gas station routine is pull up, then dig through my purse on the passenger seat for my credit card where there would be someone at the window when I turned my head to get out of the car.  I had to make a conscious effort the 3rd time that there would be someone there and not to scare the crap out of both of us.

I’ll go back to Bend for sure, I’d like to spend some more time there to see if it’s a viable relocation place.  A few things I need to consider is my mom, I can’t be too far in case of emergency.  I told her March was a no crisis month for my trip, I’ll be down there in April.


Full moon

I stayed one  more night in Mt. Shasta on the trip back down, it rained the whole drive.  It’s catch up day, which was supposed to be yesterday but I got a better offer to go sailing then to see Dennis Quaid & the Sharks at Yoshi’s in Oakland.  Seeing Dennis Quaid was on my bucket list, I’ve seen a lot of actors growing up in L.A. who look a lot different in person.  He delivered, he looked great and put on a show.

Regroup for L.A., stock up on my Nespresso pods that got me through much of my trip!

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