So much to do and I can barely leave the house, thank God for Door Dash.  It’s been one day out, two days down since last week and it’s SUNNY for the first time in months….AHHHHHHH!!

Some of it is allergies, my body has a remarkable way of seeing that time slot where I have nothing planned and saying, “Here ‘ya go, time for you to be sick.”  Instead I could be riding my bike or swimming for the first time in months after the rainy weather.

I’ll just have to suck it up and stay home until this blows over.

On the bright side, I finished reading “Educated.”  Timely book for me to read after being in Arizona a little over a week ago, wondering if my cousins grandkids are off the grid or go to school?  My world is so different from that, I never could have homeschooled.  There were times I thought I was homeschooling with all the homework.  I used to tell people if I had known about all the homework I never would have had kids.  I recommend the book, it’s a great read and a real eye opener – especially since I’ve been driving through all these small towns this past year with wonder.

I’ll admit to not being a scholar, I eeked by.  I’m going to blame it on working full time, the one semester in college I didn’t work I made the Deans list.  I’m one of those people who does something first, then the last thing I do is look up the instructions only if I have exhausted every other option.  Youtube is my best friend, pausing it when I have to figure something out like putting a new sending unit in the fuel tank.  UofYoutube.

Since I haven’t been outside for days to take pictures, I’ll have to find one I’ve already taken.  Leaving you with a link to my new favorite singer, Thomas Rhett.  I went to his concert in Las Cruces last year, he just keeps getting better!  29 years old, love how he portrays women in this video and his family.

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